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Collings 02H

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The 02H never fails to amaze everyone that picks one up. How can this much volume and pure tone come from an 0 series size guitar ?? Leave it to Collings to build an 0 size guitar that sounds so much like the big body guitars, you'll wonder why the dread's still sell as well as they do. We request slightly lighter bracing on the 0's to really open up the guitar. These guitars are so comfortable to play that you will find them becoming your "go to guitar" in no time at all. We had this guitar built with a cut through saddle that delivers true vintage tone. It has a 1.75" nut width and 2.25" string spacing for playing ease as well. This is truly a great small body guitar that does not sound like a small body guitar. These are a no disappointment "must have guitars" for anyones collection.

Read more about the Collings 0 series and the Collings 02h on the Collings Website, and Collings on Facebook. You might also take a look at our other Collings 0 series models such as the Collings 01 Sunburst, and the Collings 01e!


  • Top Wood Type

    Straight Wide Grain
  • Nut Width

  • Saddle Spacing

  • Back & Sides Wood Type

    Beautiful Rosewood
  • Frets To Body

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